wa▓ry travelers, and of dank, underground ●dungeons.I plunged into one of ▓the tunnels with my hands on the defen▓sive; which was fortunate, for I brought up agai▓nst a stone wall.The second passage ended as ●abruptly.I approached the s▓tairway stealthily; stumbl
ed up the stone s●teps, over a stray cat and a tin pa
inn—common● because it served as kitchen, dinin
k●nown, the proprietor half rose to his feet, sat● down again, and motioned me to ●a seat.I took a place opposite him on● one of the two benches insid●e the fire-place, partly because it had bee●n raining outside, but chiefly on account● of an absence of chairs tha●t left me no choice in the matter.Shr●ouded in sil
ence I filled my pi●pe.The landlord handed me a glo
wing coal in hi▓s fingers and dropped back on his bench ●without once subduing his stare.H
is w▓ife 47wandered in and placed several p
●ots and kettles around the fire that●
toasted our heels.Still not ▓a word.I leaned back and, gazing upward, watche▓d as much of the smoke
on pan or kettle. “Not▓ nice weather,” grinned the landlord, and the ▓ice thus broken, we were soon engaged● in animated conversation.To●o ion mine host h▓ad the misfortune to kick ove
r a kettle of bo●iling macaroni and was banished from ▓the chimney corner by a raging spouse▓.Being less given to pedal gestic●ulation, I kept my place, and strove to● answer the questions which the exile▓ fired at me across the room.● By meal time several natives had droppe●d in, and our party at table grew garrulo●us and in time so numerous that ●to serve us became a serious problem ●to the hostess, who was neit▓her lithe nor quick of movemen●t.The suppe
r began with una minestra, ▓a plate of
soup containing some species o●f macaroni and, as
usual in these cheap al▓berghi, several species of scra?/wbr>坧-iron.Then a bit of meat was doled ou●t, somewh
at to my surprise; for the price of▓ this artic
le is so high in Italy that a s●tew of kidneys, liver, sheep’s head●, or fat-covered entrails is
often the only ▓offering.He who has the temerity
r a biste▓cca in such an inn is looked upon
with a●we and envy as long as he remains.I se▓l

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er. Following the mea▓t dish—it is never served with it—came a bow●l of vegetables, then a bit o●f fruit and a nibble of cheese for each of us.● Wine, of course, had been much in evide●nce; the Italian has no conception of a me●al without his national drink.The wayfa▓rer may call for nothing to eat but the three▓-cent minestra, and la signora serves i●t as cheerily as a dinner at one



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coarse▓ she

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let him refuse to order w●ine, and her sympathy is forever forfeited.▓ When drowsiness fell upon me the hostes▓s led the way to an airy, spacious room, ●its bed boasting a lace cano


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ly white in
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nt into the

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every man, w

oman, and ch
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ild capable

of labor.▓
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Marshall, Will, and Holly on a Routine Expedition

1,200 / 25/3/2015 / / 10 945 know every in and out of the t▓own, had not gone to the expense of erectin▓g a sign.I found, after long and diligent sea●rch, the edifice that included the p▓ublic resort under its roof; bu●t

Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition, met the greatest earthquake ever known. High on the rapids, it struck their tiny raft! And plunged them down a thousand feet below鈥?..

Your Tread Must be Light and Sure as Though Your Path...

t why gener▓alize They are all tarred with the same stick●.The proprietor, then, of th▓e Pusiano hostelry, relying for his custo▓m on those who

There once was a story about a man who could turn invisible. I thought it was only a story鈥?until it happened to me. Ok, so here鈥檚 how it works: there鈥檚 this stuff called...